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Miss World Guyana Semifinalists’22




Miss World Guyana is a national competition in Guyana, registered under its official License Holders, Majesty International, to hold a series of Miss World preliminary competitions mirroring the role and ethos of Miss World at a national level. Miss Guyana, exemplifies the true qualities and attributes of a true Guyanese woman, an influencer, humanitarian, role model and ultimately the face of Guyana as Guyana’s Miss World. As the face of Guyana, our national winners are Guyana’s brand ambassadors who lead savvy career lives, are champions of women’s rights, and are role models who inspire others to fulfill their potential, recognize their value, and find their place in the world.

Miss World Guyana


Official Miss Guyana Crown


The Victoria Regia crown is symbolic of every Guyanese woman. Made with thousands of Swarovski crystals representing the lily’s natural water element, standing tall among Guyana’s three rivers and is adorned with Guyana’s rose quartz. The crown’s four petals are pillars of strength, purpose, confidence and dignity protecting the lily from harm. The first to wear the crown is Miss World Guyana 2022 – Andrea King. This masterpiece with its meticulous detail and intricate handcraft was done by the very talented 20-year-old jeweller, Sachin Ramdehol of D&S Ramdeholl and Son Jewellery.

The journey of a lifetime…


Our core values are built on a strong foundation of  S.I.S.T.E.R.S (Selflessness, Integrity, Self-Confidence, Trust, Excellence, Respect & Super G -gallant attributes & qualities of the Guyanese woman)  which enables a genuine camaraderie of sisterhood. Our core values define how we see ourselves and drive the way we act and operate collectively. Simply put, like the air we breathe, who we are is what is more important to us — not just every season or with every project – but day to day, candidate to candidate. We believe that great journeys and strong legacies are created when core values are the cornerstone of everything you do.

Recognition and Awards



Influence others socially


Mastering performing arts


Voicing passionate opinions

Performance Evaluation

Interview skills & attributes

Beauty With Purpose

Finding true purpose

Beach Beauty

Depict regional styles

Top Model

Alluring confidence and poise

Fitness / Sports

Embrace lifestyle change

Miss World Guyana


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Miss World Guyana

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