Students from the Sophia Special Needs School will be engaged in six weeks of physical and academic activities as Miss Guyana World 2018 launched her “Healthy Wholly Summer Camp” to tackle mental health issues on Wednesday.

The summer camp was organised in collaboration with the National Sports Commission, the Social Cohesion Ministry and other stakeholders, with the aim of strengthening the mind and body of these students through physical activities, which can significantly improve their physical and mental health.

Miss Guyana World 2018 Ambika Ramraj at the launching of the “Healthy Wholly Summer Camp”
Purpose campaign initiative, that these activities coincided with her platform to spread more awareness on the importance of addressing mental health issues. For her, sports and physical activities are the best way to do so and thus, the children will be occupied with these engagements over their August vacation.


“Today (Wednesday), we take action to commit to giving these children an opportunity for a successful life. We want to help them to better themselves and better their futures through the use of sports, physical activities and different aspects such as some forms of academic programmes and hands-on activities that they may develop further on into careers,” she said.
Ramraj explained that sport could assist these persons with establishing a disciplined and focused mindset while improving their mental well-being.

“We know that mental health has no colour, age, religion, status or other dividing factor. Mental health can affect every one of us and it is important for us to stand to fight against such an ill in society,” she emphasised. “Our young people often times do not have the voice to speak for themselves. They often have to deal with mental health issues in silence, and some may not even know that they’re dealing with it,” she added. Meanwhile, Social Cohesion Minister, Dr George Norton underscored of the importance of pageantry in the eradication of many social issues.
“I have long recognised the role that pageantry has played in our society and

A section of the gathering at the launching at the Sophia Special Needs School on Wednesday
today reaffirms my strong belief that pageantry can have a significant impact on the alleviation of many social issues,” Minister Norton said. “I’m even more glad and appreciative of the fact that the program is being introduced to the Sophia Special Needs School,” he later stated.
Throughout the six weeks, coaches and other partnering stakeholders will work with the children on different aspects of their development.

The summer camp will run until August 24. The organisers are also encouraging interested persons to make a pledge towards this cause.

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