Majesty International is pleased to announce the 25 Quarterfinalists selected to compete in the Miss World Guyana 2020 national competition set for May 2020

A press conference is being held at the Pegasus Hotel, on Sunday, May 26th at 10:00 AM to sash the quarterfinalist who will then begin their amazing journeys. We invite all of Guyana and the world to follow the journeys of these amazing superwomen as we are confident they will make all of Guyana proud. You will hear more about these amazing women in the coming weeks and months.

PREPARATORY PERIOD: June to November 2019
With this new model, our candidate’s journey will be more wholesome with more time to prepare and train. Guyana will see increase participation of qualified candidate who will be ready for”ANY” stage and/or environment geared towards professional growth/development at the end of this journey. It is our hope to improve collaboration/partnerships between various stakeholders, including media, government organizations, civil society organizations, and the academic institutions/communities as we(together) continue to build Guyana with role models we can all be proud of –thus promoting better support at the local, regional, national and international levels.

Semifinalists: Jan to March 2020
FInalists: March to May 2020

Those who are shortlisted are:

APPLICANT NUMBER Location First Name Last Name
20190317-83 Guyana Aliya Wong
20190317-82 Guyana Tiffani Bonner
20190317-81 Guyana Jamicia Mc Calman
20190317-80 USA, New York Jhadee Gordon
20190317-79 United Kingdom Alicia Jordan
20190317-78 USA, Florida Sasha Hughes – Williams
20190317-77 United Kingdom Tia Shepherd
20190317-76 Guyana Gabriella Chapman
20190317-73 Guyana Raeshaunna Jones
20190317-70 Guyana Danasha Peterson
20190317-67 Guyana Brittany Singh
20190317-66 Guyana Reshana Khan
20190317-65 Guyana Malesha Mackoon
20190317-61 Guyana Samantha Stanwick
20190317-47 Guyana Celicia Campbell
20190317-46 Barbados Kimberly Adams
20190317-45 United Kingdom Marlena Jurakan
20190317-42 Guyana Ederle Stephen
20190317-34 Guyana Ronecca Arjune
20190317-27 Guyana Rabeena Hussain
20190317-22 Guyana Nasaskeia Kendall
20190317-21 Guyana Abeena Gomes
20190317-19 Guyana Aaliyah Anthony
20190317-12 Guyana Sherzana Munilall
20190317-11 USA, Stacy Sirkissoon

Thanks to our sponsors, partners, fans, and friends for their continued support, especially, Guyana Public Telecommunications, Pegasus, Impressions, Space Gym, Windsor Estates, our media partners and awesome team members who are driven by passion and love for country, Happy Independence Day to you all!