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Georgetown, Guyana  – Majesty International, the official franchise holders of the Miss World Guyana license, is on the hunt for well-rounded talented and brave young women to apply to enter into the competition with an opportunity to represent Guyana at the 2022 Miss World competition. The applications are open to all single natural born females who are Guyanese born or of Guyanese heritage regardless of which part of the world they reside. The applicant must be single and be between the ages of 17  and 26 years old.

The Miss World program is designed to be an excellent vehicle for building confidence, advancing careers and personal goals, and in particular leaving a lasting positive legacy.  It truly represents female empowerment and serves as a mechanism for young women interested in sports & fitness, community service & development, public speaking, modeling, and those who are able to express their talents in the performance arts field. In addition, representing Guyana on the Miss World stage is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. With an estimated prize package of GY$5.5 Million in cash and prizes, every Miss Guyana hopeful can now apply online at 


We also invite the entire Guyanese community and the diaspora to help us to find our Miss World by referring someone who can qualify. If you have a qualifying friend or family member who embodies the qualities and attributes of a Miss World then you could win a US$1000 gift card if one of your referrals wins the Miss World Guyana 2022 national competition. Additionally, you can receive a $50 gift card if you place as a finalist or one of your referrals places as a finalist in the Miss World Guyana 2022 national competition.


Miss World’s Beauty with a Purpose continues to be the guiding force behind empowered national winners who contribute significantly to community-spirited projects within their country. The Miss World Guyana organization reformatted its Beauty With A Purpose project to one that is not only more inclusive and regionally impactful but also more attainable under a central theme. In this modern age, literacy is defined as the ability to understand, create and convey meanings in all aspects of daily lives, confidence, and willingness to connect with language – especially as a socially and culturally developed communication vehicle. The Miss World Guyana nationwide campaign specifically aims to promote all aspects of the Guyanese society and will kick off at the semifinalist stage of the Miss World Guyana national competition where each candidate will create her own literacy campaign under any of the 20 literacy types (example – Cultural literary, basic literacy, media literacy, business/financial literacy, etc) that is more aligned to her personal interest and drive.   

The Miss World Guyana national competition caters to young women interested in sports & fitness, community service & development, public speaking, modeling, and those who are able to express their talents in the performance arts field. Applicants must also be of good moral character and possess charm, poise, and personality and whose backgrounds are not likely to bring into disrepute Majesty International, its affiliates or the Miss Guyana title or the national director or any person in relation or associated with the competition.

The deadline to submit an application is April 26th 2022


The World Guyana focuses on all aspects of the Miss World competition, especially raising money for charities, and mirroring the role and spirit of Miss World at a national level. With a top 40 placement in 2019 with Miss World Guyana 2019, Joylyn Conway, Guyana has had tremendous recent successes on the Miss World stage, including top 10 overall finishers by Rafieya Hussain in London in 2014 and Lisa Punch in China in 2015. Perhaps the most notable success story on the Miss World stage can be attributed to Shakira Baksh (Caine) who represented Guyana at Miss World in 1967 and finished third overall. She went on to launch her Modelling Career in London. The winner of Miss World Guyana 2022 will have the right to represent the country as Miss Guyana at the Miss World competition next year.  

Miss World is the largest and longest-running international competition for well-rounded talented women. Launched in 1951, it has become one of the world’s most-watched annual events worldwide, with a viewing audience of over 1 billion people.

Trademarked by Miss World Ltd, Beauty with a Purpose is the name of a special annual award program that singles out and recognizes the Miss World country representative who has shown, through charitable works, to have made a real difference to people in need in her country.