In ancient times Greeks wore flowered crowns to honour goddesses. It was a symbol of respect, admiration and adoration. Today, flowers are still being used as symbols of admiration and adoration but they are also used as symbols of a woman’s strength, beauty and growth. Moreover, flowers are also symbolic of the daily struggles each woman faces and their blooming represents hope and triumphs over the many trials and tribulations life throws her way. 

           The theme for this year’s Miss World Guyana is Victoria Regia also known as the water lily or giant water lily. It is Guyana’s national flower and goes by the scientific name Victoria Amazonica belonging to the Nymphaeaceae family and the Plantae kingdom. This majestic and breathtaking flower can be seen and found in various parts of the Amazon rainforest attracting many insects and birds with its captivating light pink or white petals.  A fun fact if you will…the Victoria Regia was actually first discovered in Brazil in the year 1801 and was originally called Eurgale Amazonica but the name was later changed to Victoria Amazonica in 1837 by Mr. John Lindley. 

          Like the Guyanese woman, the Victoria Regia possesses similar features such as it is strong, beautiful, never ceases to amaze, buoyant, highly prized, provides nutrition, is spectacular, diverse, has its own defence mechanisms and stands proudly for all to see. What a flower!!!!! For these reasons, the Victoria Regia theme was chosen because essentially it symbolizes the qualities, attributes and mesmerizing features our candidates possess which are showcased to Guyana and the rest of the world. This theme will live on as we continue to elevate, encourage and develop an amazing and enthusiastic group of Guyana’s national flowers. As an organization, we profoundly urge citizens of Guyana to not only encourage our candidates but also our mothers, daughters, sisters and aunts to wear their crowns proudly.