The Victoria Regia crown was handcrafted and sculpted with love as evident in its crown jewels, the Rose quartz. The rose quartz is known as the gem of unconditional love and is said to boost feelings of self-love and compassion. This makes the Victoria Regia crown symbolic of every Guyanese woman near and far.
Made with thousands of Swarovski crystals representing the lily’s natural water element, standing tall among Guyana’s three rivers and adorned with Guyana’s rose quartz as a natural resource represents the feminine ancestral energy of Oshana, the maker of Guyanese goddesses. The four petals are pillars of strength, purpose, confidence and dignity –packed with all of Guyana’s feminine power and ancestral heritage protecting the lily from harm.
Almost two years in the making, the meticulous detail and handcraft were done by the very talented 20-year-old jeweler, Sachin Ramdehol from DS Ramdehol and Son. Thank you Sachin!