Judges will come from a diverse range of occupations and will serve as mentors during the decision panel discussions. Our Judges have been professional athletes, models, teachers, NGO Founders/Humanitarians, journalists, former titleholders {MWG), doctors, lawyers, entertainers, business professionals, entrepreneurs, fashion designers, hair and makeup professionals, fitness trainers, and even students.

The common bond they all share is that they are successful in their own right and profession. They have a grasp of the importance of good communications skills, self-discipline, and public image. Most of them are bonded by ethics laws within their own profession.

While we may contribute/donate a small fee to a charity of their choice; our Judges are NEVER paid for their services or time. We want to ensure Guyana is represented well on the international stage and can’t do it alone.

Our team, partners, sponsors are also judges of your character. They are also asked to submit their review from time to time – they are the best to get honest feedback due to consistently interacting with candidates. We lead by example and hold our judges to the
same standards and accountability we uphold ourselves.