Each criterion = 1 point but only if you earned it according to the criteria”

Each candidate participates in a series of relative competitions with a panel of professionals we refer to as the Decision Panel. The decision panel consists of seven to nine persons at each competition.

Candidates are not competing with another candidate and therefore the scoring must select values specific to the criteria of the competition being scored.

Candidates are questioned on their performance, training/background, experience and overall performance inclusive of attitude, time management and communication at every level of the competition. But not at the casting call phase of the competition

The minimum score per competition per candidate is 1 while the maximum is 10. While decimals are allowed, they must be within the above ranges only. and be written in as a final number and initialed

Each member of the decision panel counts the number of criteria per competition to arrive at the above score point

Members of the decision panel MUST not discuss, give reasons or compare their score point element with NO ONE