I recently placed second in the talent show – “The Spotlight”  and was the best female soloist for the past seven years in the youth festival of Arts Competition and best Elocutionist. ( hosted between a number of churches within Region three (3) ) I was the reigning Miss Emancipation Queen 2016 and also the reigning Miss Daughter of Zion (a pageant hosted in the island of Wakenaam)


I am aspiring to become an Educator by Profession and an Entrepreneur and currently enrolled with the University of Guyana to commence my studies in Communication Studies.


I am a selfless person, I love Music and I delight in self-development.


I should be Miss World Guyana 2017 because; I believe I have the ability to accomplish great things if only given the right tools. The platform of Miss Guyana will provide me with the ideal tool to fulfill my charitable endeavors and to be the role model I aspire to be to every boy and girl.

Delisha Wright


I secured 6 subjects at CSEC examinations, I have a Certificate in General Office Administrations


Admin Assistant/Typist & part-time Evening Lecturer, at the Leonora Technical and Vocational Training Centre.  


I am the choir director at my church and leader of the Vergenoegen recreational group (this group keeps youths engaged in meaningful activities, to keep them out of trouble)


I Intend to market myself as a brand by showcasing my personal & interpersonal skills that I possess. Through my inner strength & abilities, I’ll portray humility, resilience, and intelligence.

BWP PROJECT | Sexual Abuse

CAMPAIGN | Take Back Your Freedom!

CHARITY | Help & Shelter

Sexual abuse is not a joke! So many sexual abuse cases are yet to be solved, so many sexual abuse stories are yet to be told, there are so many broken men and women, boys and girls who just tie It all together with a smile to cover up their pains. It doesn’t have to be that way; I chose sexual abuse not only to raise awareness but to empower victims, to promote healing, and to help persons to transition from being a victim to becoming an overcomer. There is this story of a girl that I know; it breaks my heart every time I think about it –she was molested by her uncle at the age of 6, and it didn’t stop there–she was sexually abused on several more occasions. She was even held at gunpoint once and while the perpetrator was stripping her clothes she asked him: “do you have a daughter?” He said:” yes”, she then asked him to imagine someone trying to rape his daughter just as how he was trying to rape her; he immediately stopped and allowed her to go. Today she suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder syndrome (PTSD). PTSD is a disorder that can occur following the experience or witnessing of any life-threatening event.
In 2015 “Based on media reports and commentary from Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), the authorities received 233 reports of rape, but only 36 persons were charged. In 2016 193 cases of child sexual abuse were reported. The “Take Back your freedom!” campaign will commence with series of seminars at secondary schools throughout my entrusted region. The seminar is to spread awareness on sexual abuse, distribute flyers & brochures and make known the intention to establish groups within the schools so that students can have a friendly space to share and empower each other. As a potential overcomer, I intend also to focus on the two P’s that comes with sexual abuse:
Pitiful -meaning: Deserving or arousing pity, very small, poor, or inadequate. Powerful- meaning: having great power or strength. It is time to subdue weakness and demonstrate power.