Miss King is a lover of fashion, photography and dance which led her to be featured in numerous photoshoots, runway activities and dance productions. She is an avid public speaker and possesses an excellent track record of volunteerism since she would have spent many of her summer holidays volunteering at a local literacy institute teaching reading and phonics to young children. She also possesses a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Administration and is currently employed at the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GTT)


Scholastic/Career Goals

Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification by December 2022. MBA
by 2024.

Best place to work for

The Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company is the largest provider of telecommunication services in Guyana with a LARGE subscriber base
Headquarters: GT&T Telephone House, 79 Brickdam, Georgetown, Guyana
Founded: 1991
Key people: Damian Blackburn, CEO
Number of employees: 700
Parent organization: ATN International


First and foremost, I am the daughter of the King. Everything I do on Earth must be representative of the Kingdom of Heaven. I remain guided by my core values of honesty, integrity, respect, and compassion. I remain diligent and tenacious, and I strive for excellence in everything I do.

I believe life is a gift that should be honoured, valued, and protected; I extend this belief beyond my own life to the lives around me, including other people and other life forms. I make an effort to love and express care for others in relevant and tangible ways.

I believe in the power of education as a change agent in the lives of those who are disadvantaged. With a heart of gratitude, I am committed to using all that God has blessed me with to put others at the advantage, including my skills, talents, education, knowledge, resources, influence, and network.

Finally, I will always strive to be an embodiment of my name; Andrea represents strength and bravery. Sophia represents divine wisdom. Crystal represents purity, and King represents leadership.

Head-to-Head Debate

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Bwap Project | Project Flo – Learn money before you earn money

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Fun Facts

  • I love cars. The bigger, the faster, the louder: the better.
  • I’m really into architecture, building and interior design.
  • I took an online short course with Harvard University on Architectural Imagination for the love of it.
  • I always find room for two things: pasta and dessert!
  • My best dishes are created when I wing them in the kitchen.

My Quest To Become Miss World

I believe that as world citizens, our community is not restricted to the village we grew up in or the country of birth. I want to present my best self and represent Guyana as an ambassador among the world’s nations, with intelligence, elegance, and confidence. I want to represent the women of my country on the world stage and inspire them to achieve amazing things in their lives because we are all capable. I want to do justice to the motto of being a beauty with a purpose.

Andrea King


25 years old


164 CM


30 26. 36


University of Guyana



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