Ranking 7th in the Top 10 at CSEC level at Berbice High School (Class of 2014) Youngest Graduate UGBC (Class of 2016)


Scholastic Ambition: To obtain a Masters of Sciences in Forensic Science Career Ambition: To become a Forensic Chemist

Scholastic Honors
Award for the best graduating student in the A.S (Chemistry) other than the best graduating student in the program who has obtained the highest GPA


I have a weird laugh I still love laughing however | I’m family oriented, my parents and brother in particular are my world | Strong in my Christian faith | I love Volunteering and helping people, especially kids and girls | I find joy in making others happy, a sudden smile on a down face, nothing can beat that | Traveling and exploring is awesome | I love Soca | Food is my second middle name | Reserved, quiet and shy person at first | I speak very quickly at times


I believe that a girl can be whatever she wants to be, despite her age, ethnicity, race, size, family background, financial status etc. I believe that for too long girls/women have fallen a victim to the stereotype that they cannot or should not pursue fields of study that are STEM based and attain jobs within the mentioned areas of study, allowing this stereotype to define us. I believe it’s time that changes, there should be more girls, more women; we have ideas too! Premised on this I believe that I can use my platform to be a role model and show my fellow Guyanese queens and princesses that we’re more than what the statistics say, we are more than our outward appearance, that we can excel in the study of STEM based areas, its Research and Policy making, and hence also add to the moving forward and further development of our Motherland as one people, one nation with one destiny. This is why I should be Miss World Guyana this year.

Joylyn Conway



5′ 3″



Berbice High School (2009 – 2014) University of Guyana Berbice Campus (2014 – 2016) University of Guyana Turkeyen Campus (2016 – Present)


Part Time Staff at UG: Lab Demonstrator


University of Guyana Chemistry Club President * Dance Ministry Facilitator (Methodist Church Berbice Circuit) * Praise & Worship Leader


The use of Social Media (via posts (picture, quotes), live videos etc.) is definitely a start since so many people have access to it. However, in addition, tying some of my hobbies in would help. In terms of volunteering with respect to making appearances in schools and tertiary institutions to not only enlighten them about myself and the pageant itself, but also about the platform issue previously stated. Additionally, with aims of being action oriented, I plan to create practical demonstration hubs for the purpose of educating, breaking stereotypes, creating awareness and interactions within various communities, since I stand by the common saying “action speaks louder than words”. Finally, to partner with STEM based organizations to help advocate increased education in the areas of Sciences, particularly among girls.

BWP PROJECT |Providing Quality Education and Professional Opportunities for Impoverished youths


CHARITY | Joshua’s House (Or any Orphanage with adolescents)
Providing Quality Education and Professional Opportunities for Impoverished youths

Every human being is unique, this is a known fact that can be found present even in identical twins that share the same D.N.A. We have accepted these concepts or scientific findings that prove such; but why haven’t we applied this very rule to our teachings and daily mantras? Often times we find people just doing something or rather not do something because it’s not what they personally want and this can be because of social unacceptance or lack of opportunities within our educational system to equip these individuals with the skills or motivation/aspiration to be what they truly want to be. My campaign is geared towards coupling “Impoverished” youths with vocational, professional and or academic opportunities/mentorship tailored to best suit their own unique callings or aspirations in life.

I grew up in a “depressed” neighborhood and I have had personal encounters with persons I’ve went to school with; that I know have the potential to be great in life but fell short because they were being taught to be business professionals in school but it wasn’t what they wanted to become in life. Because of the limited scope of options being offered in schools you would often find the individuals dropping out because it wasn’t their niche and because of the lack of alternatives you would find them turning to things that were less complicated but of course came with delinquent implications. I, have noticed this issue within my community among individuals with families and thought; ‘if they have families and they can’t cope, what about orphaned children’. Thus my embarkation on this journey to bring awareness to the need for tailored programs and mentorships for Impoverished youths.

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