One of my greatest accomplishment was in dancing we were in 2nd place at the annual chutney group dance competition 2018.


Marine Biologist


My passions would include debating, hiking and volunteering


Becoming Miss World 2018 provides me with a greater opportunity to reach out and help others. It help me to be the voice of those who are to afraid to speak out. As Miss World Guyana 2018 I just don’t want to give them hope, but also be that hope.

Andrea Marslowe


23 years old


5′ 1″



Caribbean Secondary Examination Certificate, Caribbean Advance Proficiency, University of Guyana


Customer Service Representative – Teleperformance


Senior Counsellor- Camp Glow Guyana, Youth Ambassador

  1. Self-Examination,
  2.  Assess skills and past experiences,
  3. Applying knowledge,
  4. Creating game plan,
  5. standing out,
  6. Manage brand
BWP PROJECT | Self-empowerment | I am Enough

Educate A Woman And You Educate A Nation

CHARITY | Camp Glow Guyana

Why me?” She Cried. It was the crying that dragged me out my deep slumber. Wednesday night at Camp was “Tell Your Story”. I remember my first time at camp listening as all my leaders shared their live story. It was my third year at camp and first time as a Senior Counsellor. I was born to make it and I had to make it. I wasn’t always this positive. At age 14 I was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD). As child my grades were always excellent, My performance in school were all outstanding. Everyone around me thought I had it all, but deep inside me was crumbling each passing moment constant self-doubt, low self-esteem, insecurity, and worse of all my fear of failure, so many contradicting feels and emotions. I remember sitting on almost every team that represent my school, pride built up, I often think that was the only thing other than God who kept me through. I remember setting expectation, so I will have the perfect excuse later. You see my dad was a Queen’s college graduate, my mom a hinterland scholarship graduate. Failure wasn’t in my blood, even though it often knock at my door. At age 15 I was finished with high school. I knew what it was to be spoiled and poor at the same time. The first four years of my life I was fortunate to have everything, but then my parents separated. Back then I hated them for it so I choose to seal away emotion. At that tender age I did not know what I was doing to myself. As I grew older things were never easy, both my parents caught up in their own lives, My eldest sister and brother took care of me. I learnt life the hard way. But deep down inside I was at war with myself I was, kind and loving, lending a listening ear or a shoulder to lean on whenever needed. But I was caught up with drinking, and partying. I advise people and allow myself to fall in the same trap. Either my parents didn’t care to notice or I was really good at hiding that life away. But everyone have their breaking point CSEC came and went, I let so many hands down and at that time I could have cared less. But that same year I was selected to attend camp Glow. It is at camp on that faithful Wednesday night I realized the turn that life took me was a lot more easier that most of my glow sister. I promised myself that night to stop feeling sorry for myself, because I was enough. As Miss World Guyana, “I’m Enough” will focus on helping young people to realize that they have all that it takes to be someone in this world.

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