One of my greatest accomplishment was in dancing we were in 2nd place at the annual chutney group dance competition 2018.


My career ambition is to make my country proud and be able to make change through law and policies that will see Guyana as an inclusive society in Guyana and force the development I know we are capable of.

Scholastic Honors | Global Ambassador Scholar – from Organization of American States and Korea


I’m left handed. I have a knack for learning languages. I can now communicate in 5 languages (English, Spanish, French, Mandarin and Korean) I enjoy writing and singing (usually I love to write songs, poems and stories and keep them to myself because I do this as a form of release. This year it is my year of creativity and I would like to share with others)


I constantly have a need to find ways or a platform to represent my country It is important to me to advocate and see policies for antibullying placed in schools, in general society and even in workplaces. To be a voice of reason and inspiration for those who are feeling hopeless in Guyana because I can see many people are suffering in one way or the other from being bullied in some form and it is holding them back from being the best version of themselves. e.g Business women who taking to social media to tear down their fellow Guyanese

Donnette Linton


25 years old


5′ 1″


32. 25. 33.5


Master in Business Administration – University of West Indies (Trinidad & Tobago) 2018 – 2019


United Nations office of Sustainable
Development, Incheon, South Korea


Vice President of The World Economic Forum Global Shapers Georgetown Hub – 2016


I plan to market myself as an advocate against bullying in all corners of society. I intend to approach as many schools, government offices.

BWP PROJECT | Anti Bullying

Braveheart For Intervention

CHARITY | The Global Shapers Georgetown Hub

Brave heart is a campaign focused on setting strategies for the fight against bullying as we know, bullying is a global issue but is quite a major problem in Guyana. Everyday our people are fighting each other and even taking to social media to tear down at their fellow Guyanese. I would like to advocate on this platform to show my people that the country cannot go forward if we insist on not supporting each other and only seek to constantly highlight each other’s flaws.

This campaign is dear to me because I myself have had my fair share of being bullied and just recently I witnessed the pain of cyber bullying done to my younger sister when she was going through a very dark time last year while I was away studying. while I was not pleased with many things happening around the situations i was very concerned about my sister’s mental state throughout this ordeal and quite frankly it has impacted my family so much to the point where we all became depressed. Braveheart is a campaign i want to do in my sister’s honour to let her and those affecting by bullying know that they have supporters all around them even when it seems like it’s their darkest hour. this campaign will prove that despite all the hurt someone is already going through they don’t need to feel additional hurt. they should be loved; they deserved to be heard and understood and most importantly, they do not deserve to be criticised and bullied about their situation, their experience or any “flaw” on or within them.

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