Miss Collymore describes herself as a multidimensional individual and a great role model to the people around her. She possesses a Bachelor’s Degree in Law and an Associate’s Degree in Humanities. She is also a firm believer that pageantry is not only about outer beauty but it’s also about inner beauty and this is what mostly counts.


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Scholastic/Career Goals


Best place to work for

Teleperformance Guyana


Quite often parents miss out on their own development and so miss the opportunity to introduce their children to books and early literacy, Wesam Musleh. Parental illiteracy speaks to the inability of parents to read, write, and compute instructions for their children, it gives way to the need for academic and parenting instructions for adults and structured time for both to learn together. When thinking about the notion of parental engagement in children’s school life we must. Even though there are many amazing programs out there none caters to some of the sensitivities that an illiterate parent may face as this is a hard truth to come to grips with for most persons in this situation. I wish to focus mainly on solutions to help them overcome and mitigate these sensitives. A 2nd chance is waiting for them, we just need to provide the means and they will build the courage.

Head-to-Head Debate

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Bwap Project | Legal Literacy

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Theme: Literacy
Project: Legal Literacy
Name: The Legal EMO
Slogan: Legal Knowledge is your Security
Target: Women and Employees
Aim: To Educate Women and Employees of their rights and responsibility in order to create a new nation of persons that are empowered to move, network and organize for the future.
Objective: Education, Correction, Networking and Organization
Outcome: To create an awaking within the minds of our society to the importance of knowing their rights and responsibilities. And to create awareness around the spaces that are available and offer these services continually

Fundraising (This will be incorporated as a means of continuous cash flow)
Pledges ($50,000-$600,000) will also be a continuous means of securing the future of the project after the pilot program. Persons can be asked to pledge either towards a specific item/service or a specific monetary amount.
Expected Income $1,200,000
Expected Expenditure Items (Equipment, Advertising, Venue rental, Workshop Resources, etc.

Being the next Miss World Guyana

I should be the next Miss World Guyana because I believe in dynamic multifaceted women. As a young women growing up i was always told we have limitless potential and this is something i want to shear around this beautiful nation. I never quite and will try and try until i succeed because many times that is what it takes to make a difference. For that reason my Beauty with a Purpose Project is centered around empowering women through legal education. I want to show the women around the world how wear their confidence and own their bodies no matter what and that we should always be a support system for each other. I will always give of my best and extend a helping hand to each person i meet.

My Quest To Become Miss World

I want to be the next miss world because I believe in the power of the individuality of a woman as well as the importance of feeling like you belong to a sisterhood or can be accepted no matter who you are. I have always believed in equal opportunity, fairness and justice and can stand for nothing less than the acknowledgment and respect for the contributions women have made to this world. We are living in a unique time full of unique opportunities but the challenges we face are one in the same and we must not let them divide us, I do not think of myself as beyond any of the challenges we face as women but I will be a beacon of truth, strength and unity. I believe we can achieve nothing apart but everything together.

Gratitude Wall

I would like to thank God, my mom and family members, Friends, sponsors, and well-wishers. the Miss world Guyana team and my super G sisters. This has been an amazing journey thus far and I welcome the opportunity to grow and meet all of you amazing people. It was a privilege to be appointed the regional ambassador for region 9 and I thank the community for having me some time in the near future. I would have never in a million years believed I would be here on this stage so happy and emotional. Each time I stepped out I gave it my best and aimed to do better than before and so I leave you with that motto: Do better than before.

Krystal Collmore


25 years old


165 CM


33. 27. 36


Bachelors In Law,
Associates Degree in Humanities
University of Guyana



Fun Facts

I love the Creative and Performing Arts. I am a big fan of anything adventurous and I love a new challenge. I don’t believe in quilting, you should always push to the end no matter the journey, the destination will be worthwhile. I love volunteerism because we must always try to make a difference and what better way to do it than with like minds? Rocks on earth and in space fascinate me if I did not pursue law I probably would have been a geologist or an astronaut.

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