Sponsorship Levels

Why Support Miss World Guyana National Competition?

The main purpose of our national competition is to empower your Guyanese women and/or young women of Guyanese heritage through self-discovery and to become more in touch with their culture in relation to Guyana’s national flower, the Victoria Regia lily and the beauty and strength of the Guyanese woman.

The Miss World Guyana national competition is not your conventional beauty pageant; rather, it emphasizes influence, grace, poise, confidence, charity, authenticity, intelligence, and talent. The series of events enhances the self-image and confidence of those choosing to take the journey.

The competition provides an opportunity for the community to come together and provides a platform for young Guyanese women to showcase their talents to the world. Our annual event fosters national pride and awareness and we hope you would like to be a part of making it possible!

Your Support Matters

In order to organize such a large-scale event, the organizers of the Miss World Guyana national competition rules on funding and support as well as assistance/involvement of the community. We look for partners and sponsors who are interested in advertising or promoting services or products through their marketing budget. This will help us to cover overhead costs, as well as benefit the company with the advertisement provided.

There are several opportunities available to encompass all financial ranges. Not only will financial support helps to provide the opportunity to create bonds through the creation of sisterhood, but also help in promoting unity and awareness of our Guyanese culture as well as giving back through our annual Beauty With A Purpose projects.

In addition to marketing and sponsorship opportunities, Miss World Guyana national competition offers you the ability to design your own package. If you have any other requests or questions about supporting our national competition, please contact us at your earliest convenience at team @

Diverse Target Audience

Miss World Guyana offers a large demographic in its candidate due to its regional ambassadorial program. There is a place for every region in our competition

In order to MAXIMIZE your endorsement, disburse your contribution to include offering goods or services to our Regional Ambassadors by offering special discounts, samples, or small gifts. The more consumers who use your business’s products or services, the more loyal customers you will obtain!


Beautiful Guyanese women compete in the national competition each year and represent our country on the international stage.

Businesses can reap favourable publicity with an endorsement (leading to increased product visibility and market share) generated from their association with the national competition.

Regional Ambassadors serve as your advertising ambassadors and spokesmodels

Generous marketing packages in exchange.

Target audience- social media and Guyanese from all over the world are the consumers that utilize your business’s goods and services.

Miss World continues to grow in popularity in sports/fitness, influencers, pop culture, arts, entertainment, emcees/hosts, fashion and charity.