Your lifestyle includes any choice or action you make that influences your life in some small way. Sport & Fitness is an essential lifestyle change and is very fundamental to the continued development of young women. The skills acquired by the exposure to lifestyle change contribute to the holistic development through which candidates learn the importance of key values such as honesty, discipline, teamwork, fair play, and respect for themselves and others,

It is a known fact that involvement and commitment to sports and fitness teach young women how to deal with competition and competitive situations with dignity and grace as well as how to cope with both winning and losing. These learning aspects highlight the impact of sports & fitness on one’s social and moral development in addition to physical skills and abilities.

It also teaches young women how they deal with adversity. This is why Sports & Fitness plays a critical part in the Miss World system.

Fitness will test the stamina, agility, strength and endurance, Core, Physical, etc in an effort to determine how in shape our candidates are and evaluate them by qualified fitness instructors on the following exercises.
Judging Criteria 1: Bleep Test (Stamina/Endurance)
Judging Criteria 2: Shuttle sprint (Speed)
Judging Criteria 3: Burpees (Strength)
Judging Criteria 4: Pushups (Core)
Judging Criteria 5: Physical Evaluation (Physical)

Sports will focus on a single team-building exercise and or a series of sports-related activities that is central to Guyana and Guyanese. It is important for our young women to work and play together in bonding, unity, sportsmanship, and having fun.

Judging Criteria:
# of wins
Team Player

lime in spoon
sack rack
dog N bone
hop scotch

*Elements of competitions, type of sports and criteria subject to minor changes and/or replacements

Sports Placements

Miss World 2010, Aletha Sheperd (Sports semifinalist), and Miss World Guyana 2012, Arti Cameron (Sports Finalist) both placed in the Miss World Sports competitions in 2010 and 2012 respectively