August 2nd, 2023– The much-awaited journey of Guyana to India for the Miss World Crown has officially commenced, as the date for the 71st Miss World competition has been confirmed. This prestigious event is scheduled to take place from November 7th to December 9th, 2023, making it the second time India has been honored with hosting the pageant. India’s rich cultural heritage, dedication to promoting diversity, and commitment to empowering women have positioned it as the perfect host for the 71st Miss World pageant, as stated by the Miss World Organization. With its vibrant traditions, captivating landscapes, iconic landmarks, and warm hospitality, India stands tall as a global beauty and fashion powerhouse, attracting attention from around the world.

Our very own Miss World Guyana 2022, Andrea King will proudly represent Guyana and is thrilled and honored to participate in the prestigious Miss World pageant with her reign now officially extended to 2023. Her departure is scheduled for November 8th, 2023, marking the beginning of an enthralling journey spanning over 30 days in India. Andrea will showcase her exceptional talents and compete against representatives from more than 140 countries in various categories such as head-to-head challenges, sports/fitness, talent, top model, multimedia, and Beauty with a Purpose, all vying for the coveted title of Miss World 2023.

As a true daughter of the soil, Andrea, after months of diligent preparation, is poised to showcase the cultural richness of Guyana to the world. Guided by her unwavering determination and fueled by the unwavering support from her country, Andrea aims to bring honor to Guyana and secure a top spot in the Miss World competition. Throughout the past year, Andrea’s dedication and commitment to every facet of the competition have been ongoing. She continues to hone her talent piece with Classsique Dance Company, refined her top model presentation with Keith Allicock, and will undergo comprehensive training with Mr. Makoy Manlapaz of Gouldian from the Philippines. Furthermore, Andrea will continue to engage in social activities and spearhead her impactful Beauty With A Purpose project: Project Flo, making a positive impact under the slogan “Learning money before earning money”

Andrea will kick off her media tour locally this month with visits to a few media houses and will continue her media tour in New York and the United Kingdom before setting off for India. This experience will further enhance her abilities and offer invaluable exposure to international media platforms. The media tour will allow Andrea to share her inspiring journey and showcase her remarkable talents, generating support and admiration from fans and followers around the world.

As she embarks on this exhilarating journey, Andrea extends her heartfelt gratitude to all her supporters and well-wishers. Acknowledging the importance of their unwavering support throughout her pursuit of the Miss World crown, she warmly invites all of Guyana to join her in this momentous pursuit. By following Andrea’s progress, you can bear witness to her remarkable growth and experience firsthand her transformation into an exquisite symbol of beauty, grace, and purpose.

For more information on Andrea King, her journey to the Miss World crown, and updates on Miss World Guyana 2024, please visit and follow the Miss World Guyana Organization on all social media platforms. Stay connected and be part of the remarkable story of our Miss Guyana, who aspires to make her country proud.


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