• You must be between the ages of 17 to 26 in the year of the competition
  • You must use the prefix “Miss” before your name.
  • You have never been through any ceremony either valid or invalid, whether civil, religious, or tribal, which is recognized as a marriage ceremony in any part of the world and has never given birth to a child.
  • You must be of or above the average height of a Guyanese woman (5’5″)
  • You must be of good moral character and also have the ability to show compassion and intelligence when conducting yourself in public places.
  • You must be a person who will not bring disrepute/negative controversy to Miss World Guyana national competition, its organization, affiliations, sponsors, or the Miss World Organization.
  • You must be a person whose background is not likely to bring into disrepute/negative controversy to Miss World Guyana, its organization, affiliations, sponsors, or the Miss World Organization.
  • Your performance must not infringe the rights (including copyrights) of or defame or embarrass any person, firm, or company related to her journey as a contender for the Miss World Guyana title.
  • You have not been charged or convicted in any court of law in Guyana or any country and you are not a fugitive nor wanted by any local or international law enforcement agency
  • You must read in its entirety our Terms and Conditions as you will be asked to agree to the terms and conditions and uphold them -agreeing to Terms and Conditions means you are also agreeing to related policies protocols and processes listed as terms therein.
  • You must be willing to make yourself, your family, and Guyana proud.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Step should I take to become Miss World Guyana?2022-10-29T03:00:37+00:00
  1. Apply online via our website online
  2. If your application is approved you will be interviewed early January to qualify for an invitation to our casting. We want to get to know you, what you stand for, and why you applied to be a part of the our Miss World family.
  3. Score high at casting call to advance to semifinalist
  4. Advance to finals to show us what you’ve got
Is Miss World For You?2022-10-11T06:50:10+00:00

Miss World dates back to 1951 and is the oldest running international beauty pageant. It is also the most prestigious and empowering female competition on an international scale for well-rounded women.  The core concept of the Miss World franchise is “Beauty with a Purpose” (BWAP), which out the Miss World brand in a league of its own. While physical beauty is still an important element of the competition, the main focus of our organization is on the most well-rounded and self-confident young women with big hearts and souls, who are passionate about their communities and willing to make a positive impact on society.

Every year Miss World organization awards a contestant with the most relevant and important charity platform in her nation, bringing global attention as well as funding to her BWAP project. Since 1972 Miss World Organization raised over 500 million dollars with the help of BWAP program for women issues charities inclusive of charities protecting disabled and unprivileged children.

What happens during the semifinalist phase of the competition?2022-10-11T06:47:55+00:00

The semifinalist phase of the competition is a series of virtual and social media challenges: Influencer, Multimedia, Socialite related competitions (all virtual submissions)

Can I get my own makeup artist to do my make up?2022-10-11T06:43:00+00:00

No. Make-up is covered by the organization and administered by Bromeliad our official MakeUp Artist

Do I have to pay for transportation?2022-10-11T06:39:13+00:00

We are not responsible for getting candidates to and from activities/events. However, we do cover transportation if we have a planned event or an out-of-town event. Notification will be given in advance, inclusive of a meeting point.

Will I be fed during at the competitions and/or at rehearsals?2022-10-11T06:36:15+00:00

No. You are required to walk with a light snack, and munchies or make appropriate meal arrangements depending on your own cravings. We only provide a light snack to a full meal from time to time, at no cost to you, for any event or activity that runs over 2 1/2 hours. Notification is given in advance. We are not responsible for late starts that are beyond our control due to the tardiness of candidates.

Am I allowed to work fulltime during the finals2022-10-11T06:26:06+00:00

Not advisable, hence why we provide you with a paid time-off request for your employers. If you are unable to take time off from work during the finals, you are expected to at least be present for all activities and competitions.

Where is the finals held?2022-10-11T06:21:54+00:00

The finals are held in Guyana with a duration of 3-4 weeks. Overseas candidates must be in Guyana to attend the Appointment Ceremony and will be expected to remain until Coronation night.

How do I find sponsors?2022-10-11T06:17:58+00:00

A potential Miss Guyana must use her influence to garnish support from her family, relatives, co-workers and friends in finding sponsors. We recommend creating and using your elevator pitch to win an endorsement from a company/business where you can use your influence to promote the company socially throughout your journey.

How do I become a semifinalist?2022-10-11T06:03:04+00:00

Receive as much as a 75% + score on the conclusion of the casting call

Is there an application fee?2022-10-11T06:00:24+00:00

No, application submissions are free.

What happens after I apply?2022-10-11T05:59:23+00:00

Once you have applied, we will process and review your application accordingly before sending you an extended application to complete. Once you complete the extended application, you will be invited to a casting call (virtual for out-of-country applicants and in person for local applicants)

How many times can I apply?2022-10-11T05:52:38+00:00

You can apply annually by submitting one single application. Please make sure when you are submitting your application, please wait for about 30 seconds for it to upload and be successfully submitted. Please do not submit multiple applications in the same year.


The ultimate prize for competing in the Miss World Guyana national competition is the opportunity to represent every Guyanese woman on the Miss World stage as Guyana. Being able to participate in the Miss World competition means that the organisation has fulfilled its financial obligation of paying its franchise fees.

Except for the cash prize, all other prizes are subject to change(increase/decrease) at the sponsor’s discretion at any time and/or the overall value depending on increased endorsements and/or the needs of the national winner. Some prizes may contain certain restrictions, conditions, or eligibility criteria. There is generally no geographic commitment associated with these prizes.

In addition to being able to represent Guyana, you could also receive:

Cash Prize

  • $250,000 – Investment fundraiser towards airfare
  • $250,000 – Investment fundraiser towards competition wardrobe


  • John Lewis Styles
  • Optique Vision Care
  • Jagan Dental
  • Urban Oasis
  • Classic Styles
  • That Look Boutique
  • Designs 360
  • Social Rank
  • Tourism Package
  • Culture Package
  • Promotional/Business Package

Media Tour

  • USA
  • UK


  • Top Model Training
  • Talent Preparation
  • Public Speaking
  • Interview
  • Styling
  • Mental Health
  • Makeup
  • Multimedia


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