The judges are looking for the WOW factor. Performances that depicts a new method to communicate and enact various emotions. As a performing artist, candidates must have great stage presence and confidence, dominating the space around them. “The ‘Wow’ factor” is really all that matters in a talent competition. It is an opportunity to speak a different language without the need for words or distracting elements or props.

The whole point of talent is to entertain.  Tapping into your creative/artistic life brings balance to your life.

Not the most skilled candidate wins the competitions. However, it is usually the most consistent and with the most entertaining/technical skill value.

To win the talent competition, you will be required to reveal, unleash and embrace your talent, perfect and be consistent with it. Even if you don’t win the crown, know you fed your soul and shared your gift with the world.


2015 Talent Winner

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Miss Guyana, Lisa Punch, won the talent contest at the Miss World, 2015, at the Miss World competition which was held in Sanya, China. Lisa Punch, a rising star performer with her own album, belted out some incredible notes to win the talent contest at Miss World, 2015. Her victory assured her a Top 10 placement.



TRYOUTS: -1 Minute MAX, (2 points deduction penalty if longer)

FINALS: – 2 ¼ minutes MAX. (4 points deduction penalty if longer)

The Talent phase of the competition provides an insight into the candidate’s preparatory and performance skills.  Consideration is given to whether the candidate’s talent selection fits the skills needed along with the personality factor.  The Talent competition acknowledges the quality of the talent being presented, the technical skill level, and the stage presence of every candidate.

Criteria for Judging in Talent:

Overall “first impression”; technical skill level; entertainment value; interpretive ability; stage presence and on-stage personality; control and quality of movement and/or sound along with a total of all elements (music, costume, voice, choreography).

2018 Talent Finalist

In 2018, Miss World Guyana, Ambika Ramraj,  placed in Miss World talent finals

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2009 Talent Finalist

In 2009, Miss World Guyana, Kalerouann Radix  placed in Miss World talent finals