Majesty International, official license holders of Miss World Guyana requires a high standard of conduct from everyone who is representing our organization, in order to project a wholesome and positive image for our organization and competition as a whole.

Team members must promote the organization with the utmost professionalism, respect, integrity, and ethics.

Every team member is expected to exhibit positive character and uphold exemplary behavior in their personal life as well as when representing the franchise in public and in private.

Team members should dress appropriately and professionally, use appropriate language and act in a dignified and professional manner at all times. Provocative photos, inappropriate language, offensive slang, public negative comments, and behavior deemed inappropriate, unsportsmanlike, rude, or divisive is not acceptable. This pertains to all personal, as well as franchise related social networking sites, blogs, websites, public appearances, etc.

Team members agree that they will not post negative or disparaging comments about the franchise, our team national winners, national director, managing directors, candidates, sponsors, and affiliates; operational director, project coordinators, business partners, volunteers, or any other party or event affiliated with the franchise on any social forum, website, blog, networking site, chat boards, social media outlets, etc. If a member of the team is found to be engaging in this type of behavior, publically or amongst each other, they will be immediately released from their team obligations and may be subject to litigation.

Must adopt the Miss World’s – NO RESPONSE IS THE BEST RESPONSE action and should we need to respond to any disruption it must be done through the related PR channel

Team members may not drink alcohol to the level of intoxication or impairment or smoke while on official business for Miss World Guyana Org, while representing MWG in any event or setting, or while in the presence of any MWG semifinalist or finalist, sponsors, etc.

Team members must also ensure that the recruiting is conducted in an atmosphere that upholds and promotes the highest standards of the Miss World Guyana Org.

Our team must be devoted to living a healthy lifestyle by not taking drugs, not abusing alcohol or tobacco, and living a lifestyle that is exemplary so as to set a good example to the young women in our care.

Team members found to be taking drugs, drinking excessive alcohol, or breaking any law will be immediately removed from the organization.

Team members must not behave recklessly, engage in sexual misconduct, assault, threaten or harm another person nor may they misuse or abuse public or private property.

Team members should speak and act respectful and courteous at all times.

The franchise and its business is a corruption-free, bully-free competitive organization and as such, we will not tolerate fraudulent practices, dishonesty, bullying, harassment or disrespect. We must always pride ourselves as good citizens.

Any team member found to be engaged in bullying, dishonesty, exclusion, name-calling, harassment, defamation of character (verbal, written or otherwise) will immediately be released from the organization. Any display of unprofessional conduct will be cause for removal from the organization and legal action is taken

Each person associated with the Miss World Guyana Org is required to acknowledge to have seen and read thoroughly this Code of Conduct document. The code confirmation will be sent to Miss World Guyana Org for our records.

Code of Conduct along with reference/background checks must be on file person associated with the Miss World Guyana Org and other engagements, prior to the commencement of recruiting and National Competition.