In light of the recent allegations being made against Keron Bruce being affiliated with the fictional cartoon character popularly known as ‘Mudwata’, Majesty International, the franchise holders of Miss World Guyana, has suspended Keron Bruce’s contract as Media Show Director, pending the result of any legal due process. 

Majesty International adheres to the international franchise laws imparted and practiced by the Miss World Ltd in creating a safe and empowering place for young people to thrive personally, professionally and socially. We believe the Internet is a powerful platform that can be used for positive engagement and a forum to accept that we are all different, valued, and deserve to be treated with the highest forms of dignity. However, it should not be used as a platform to spew negative entertainment, bullying, and any form of discrimination or defamation.

Therefore, while Majesty International and its management team does not and will not condone nor accept any form of defamation or discrimination being inflicted on women and those who are marginalized by gender or race, we will be paying keen attention to the outcome of this controversy and continue to be guided by advice from our legal team on the matter.