Miss King is a lover of fashion, photography and dance which led her to be featured in numerous photoshoots, runway activities and dance productions. She is an avid public speaker and possesses an excellent track record of volunteerism since she would have spent many of her summer holidays volunteering at a local literacy institute teaching reading and phonics to young children. She also possesses a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Administration and is currently employed at the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GTT)


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Being the next Miss World Guyana

My Quest To Become Miss World

Since covid-19 tossed the world upside down and forced us all to adapt to very new, strange and strict conditions, I could not ignore the realisation that in the battle for survival and a sense of normalcy, there was also an increase in inequality across the globe and in our very own country. Today, as we push to move forward as a nation, in the midst of rapid development there is still a struggle to get our children back on track with their education. Some children have missed out on two years’ worth of classes due to the lack of technology access in their homes. As we push forward as a nation, we need our young people, especially women to be empowered and educated to secure their place in Guyana’s brilliant future. In my personal growth, through my career I have recognized the importance and value of networking, collaboration and charity and I am inspired to answer the call to do more with my life. As Guyana’s Miss world, I will hone my skills, my education, my values and mobilise resources within my immediate network, and the public and private sectors to continue to positively impact the lives of those in my region and country, but on a much larger scale. There is beauty in purpose, and my purpose right now is to be a leading example to my fellow young people, especially young women, and to encourage them to always strive for greatness in their lives.

Andrea King


— years old


162 CM


30 26. 36


University of Guyana


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