Miss Ho-A-Lim enjoys modeling, singing, and helping the needy. She actively makes donations to orphanages and also helps to take care of children belonging to single-parent families. She also engages in clean-up campaigns in her community and at the sea walls. Her future goal is to positively impact the lives of young women and girls and her favorite quote is “a little kindness goes a long way.”


Scholastic/Career Goals

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Best place to work for


Parental illiteracy is a troubling dilemma that has been plaguing our society .however much has been done to help eradicate this dilemma and there have been improvements over the years. However, more can still be done. I intend to collaborate with institutions to help provide the necessary resources to alleviate this issue.

Head-to-Head Debate

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Bwap Project |

My BWAP is based on Gender Decorum Literacy. It emphasises the need for Excellent decorum practices that are unique to each gender starting from an early age. Hence, its main targets are young people and children. Through gender Decorum, Literacy individuals are armed with the knowledge to be respectable, courteous, peaceful, and most importantly upstanding members of society. Fundraising activities include a barbecue and lime and a games day.

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Fun Facts

I would love to go ballooning one day but I’m extremely afraid of heights.

Being the next Miss World Guyana

The reason I want to be the Next Miss World Guyana is to use the opportunity to be a positive role model for young Guyanese women and to use my platform to fruitfully impact lives. Also, I want to be given the opportunity to represent Guyana to showcase to the world the bountiful and beautiful gifts Guyana has to offer.

My Quest To Become Miss World

All my life I believed that God had a greater purpose for me a purpose that would lead me to bring joy, and happiness to others through my kind, empathetic, compassionate and infectiously jovial nature and that is why I want to be the next Miss World to use this opportunity to share these qualities with others worldwide to make there lives if not a whole lot at least a little better.

Gratitude Wall

My most heartfelt gratitude for all the support I’ve been receiving from God my family, friends and well wishers without you I wouldn’t have made it this far into the competition. I’m truly truly truly grateful for you all.

Melinda Ho-A-Lim


23 years old


164 CM


30 24 33



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